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Triumph of NPP "Avis" LLC

On 20.01.2022, the team of lawyers and patent attorneys of the Ineureka company won a brilliant victory in the Chamber for Patent Disputes (CPC) and thus completed a series of litigations that lasted more than 3 years! Among them, the central place is occupied by case No. A55-26924/2018 (11AP-11534/2019) in a lawsuit brought against our client NPP "Avis" LLC by its competitor, NPO "Izolyator" JSC .

On September 18, 2018, NPO "Izolyator" JSC filed a lawsuit against NPP "Avis" LLC for 20 million (!) Rubles, believing that the latter violated its rights to Russian patent No. 2542355 and Eurasian patent No. EA 023228 for the group of inventions a device for a power line with suspension insulators and a power line equipped with such devices. NPP "Avis" LLC , after several unsuccessful attempts to independently resist the onslaught of a competitor, turned to Ineureka for help.

Our experts promptly prepared the necessary documents and filed an objection to the Chamber for Patent Disputes against the validity of both Russian and Eurasian patents. By the decision of the Chamber for Patent Disputes of 08.04.2021, our objection to the Eurasian patent was fully satisfied, and the patent ceased to be valid on the territory of the Russian Federation.

With regard to the Russian patent, everything turned out to be not so simple: the Chamber for Patent Disputes at first refused to satisfy the objection filed by us. But our employees were not used to give up and filed a second objection submitting additional materials, which was eventually granted. As a result, Russian patent No. 2542355 was declared invalid, and the court proceedings were terminated, because plaintiff simply lost the subject matter of the claim.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of our lawyers, the court ordered NPO "Izolyator" JSC to reimburse NPP "Avis" LLC for legal costs in the amount of 837,781.7 rubles.

It must be said that the plaintiff resisted very toughly: he twice corrected the claims. However, all attempts by NPO "Izolyator" JSC to defend the patent failed - our client NPP "Avis" LLC is celebrating a long-awaited victory!

The interests of NPP "Avis" LLC were represented by employees of the company Ineureka P.M. Murashev, V.A. Morozov. and Faddeeva A.V.

Congratulations to the winners and their protectors!


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