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New Year Gift!

It is said that the best gift is the one made by hand. We have managed to make such a present for the LLC NPP AVIS ( And the Court of Intellectual Property Rights helped us in this, which, by its decision of December 22, 2022, confirmed our position on the illegality of issuing a patent of the Russian Federation for utility model No. 204663.

It all started a year and a half ago, in August 2021, when a customer contacted us with the question: “Can you help us?” Sure we can,” we said, and rolling up our sleeves, we got to work.

The path to the goal was thorny and difficult. First, we agreed with the customer on the terms and money. Next, we conducted an information search and made analysis of the identified documents. Based on the results, we prepared an objection to the grant of a patent and in October 2021 sent it to the Chamber for Patent Disputes. In the Chamber, in order to achieve the result we needed, we had explain everything literally on our fingers. The result of our work is recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the Chamber dated February 17, 2022. On the basis of the opinion prepared by the Chamber, Rospatent made a decision dated April 14, 2022 to invalidate the patent in full. But the story didn't end there. The patent owner expressed disagreement with the decision of Rospatent and filed an objection with the Intellectual Property Court. The objection was accepted (case No. SIP-530/2022). However, the Court recognized our arguments as convincing and refused the patent holder.

Our position was confirmed, which means that our New Year gift was a success!

The employees of "Ineureka" who worked on the gift: Murashev P.M., Faddeeva A.V., Morozov V.A.

P.S. The decision of the court and the materials of the case can be found at the link:


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