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Hard to find - easy to fight

We are pleased to announce another success. Thanks to well-coordinated work, our employees managed to challenge the issuance of a patent for a utility model. By the decision of the board of the Chamber for Patent Disputes of March 14, 2022, the patent of the Russian Federation No. 204663 was declared completely invalid. It is indicative that only one meeting of the Board of the Chamber for Patent Disputes was required to make a decision.

The beginning of work on the objection did not portend a quick victory. A preliminary analysis of patent No. 204663 showed that it can be canceled under the condition of non-compliance with novelty. Easy to say but hard to do standard information and patent searches turned up nothing. Not a single document discrediting the novelty was found. A repeated, deeper study of patent collections with a detailed analysis of description texts provided the necessary result. A scrupulous study of more than 2,000 (!) patent documents made it possible to identify relevant sources of information: two Chinese patents and one Korean patent. This titanic work was carried out by our employee Morozov Vyacheslav Anatolyevich. The found documents gave a chance to challenge the utility model. The final confidence in victory came after receiving professional translations of patent documents from Chinese and Korean.

In order for the objection to the grant of a patent to be accepted by the employees of the Chamber for Patent Disputes, the head of the department, Murashev Petr Mikhailovich, prepared several deeply developed and well-reasoned options for the objection. He removed all non-essential features from the utility model claims and made sure that each of the remaining features was easily identified and explicitly contained in opposing sources of information. The complexity of the work was in the selection of technical equivalents, linking the terminology of the contested patent with the terminology of opposed patents.

As a result, a professional and high-quality work performed has borne fruit. Our employees won another well-deserved victory on the front of intellectual property protection! Congratulations!


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